Zagreb time machine

In the most beautiful Zagreb’s park across from our hotel Palace on Zrinjevac, in the period from 22nd April to 26th August, on weekends, Zagreb will travel back in time to its golden age, hundreds of years ago. If you see on the street Marija Jurić Zagorka, Antun Gustav Matoš, Josip Jelačić or some other legends, do not think that you are out of your mind. This manifestation of the Zagreb Tourist Board is just one in a series carried out on Zagreb’s streets and squares in order to revive the traditions and customs of the city.
Everyone will find something. In the Music pavilion you will be able to hear the sounds of waltz and marches, jazz rhythms, melodies from operettas. With costumed characters and šnel photographers, there will also be children’s workshops for children.

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