As the summer passes by, the Palace Hotel kitchen is showing its skills by preparing a new Heritage menu.

Due to the century-old tradition and its preservation, Palace Hotel Zagreb proudly carries a Heritage hotel title. In order to bring some of the old-time flair to our esteemed guests and visitors of Palace Café, we have prepared new additions to our offer including some of the most appetizing traditional Zagreb delicacies.

Stuffed veal fillet “Barun Trenk”

The menu includes tantalizing flavors of stuffed veal fillets, braised potatoes and among other things offered is our specialty of the Palace House – well-known Štrukli Palace.

As a dessert our menu includes Međimurska gibanica, layered cake carefully made of fresh cottage cheese, apples, walnuts and poppy seeds.

Međimurska gibanica

You can find more about the menu content here.

We look forward to welcoming you for a flavorsome traditional lunch or dinner at your Palace Cafe in Palace Hotel Zagreb.