111 years young

The first professional hotel in Zagreb – Palace Hotel Zagreb – marks
111th anniversary with the presentation of the time capsule
found in hotel foundations

Zagreb, April 11th, 2018 – The first professional hotel in Zagreb, Palace Hotel Zagreb, this year marks 111th anniversary of being in business and hosting guests of various profiles and nations, including prominent Croatians such as conductor Berislav Klobučar as well as world celebrities such as actress Sophia Loren or chess player Robert Fischer. On this occasion a press conference was held, where the precious time capsule, found in the hotel’s foundations during its renovation and energy optimization, was presented to the public.

Press conference speakers

Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board Martina Bienenfeld (MSc) was the first to congratulate the Management Board on the 111th anniversary: “Today tourism in Zagreb is one of the leading branches, but in 1907 I believe that only few have depicted tourism in our city as it is done today. However, Palace Hotel has, as the first professionally organized hotel in Zagreb, made this important first step, and just how successful and almost visionary it was at that time best states the fact that we are marking its 111th birthday today. The Palace Hotel is an extremely important factor in tourism of Zagreb, and its employees, led by director Kuliš, show how true tourism professionals work. ”

Martina Bienenfeld, Director of Zagreb Tourist Board

For the purpose of steering towards sustainable business, the Palace Hotel Management has planned and executed modernization of hotel meeting halls and the installation of heat pumps, thus ensuring for this charming long-lasting hotel on a truly indispensable location close to the green oasis of the center of Zagreb, energy sustainability and ecological acceptability.

“The Palace Hotel had a series of measures implemented in 2016 and 2017 in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability using renewable energy technologies (multi-valued heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation, low power consumption of electric energy, smart regulation), which undoubtedly already achieved the requirements for obtaining the right to the prestigious European awards from the hotel industry. In the near future, a photovoltaic solar power plant is planned to be built on the roof of the hotel including roof reconstruction, which would create the conditions that would lead to the energy independence of this hotel. Leading by example Palace Hotel has shown the ecological direction that the other hotels should follow, considering the importance of the tourism industry and the local community in Croatia, because such approach can raise the competitiveness that enables achieving the goals in the tourist community.”- emphasized the engineer Gojko Šimunović.

During these construction works, a unique time capsule from the late 19th century was discovered. The 40-centimeter thick glass-coated capsule, which was incorporated into the foundations of the previous Schlessinger palace, contains texts in both Croatian and German, giving a precious cross-section of this time – a charter that attests the reign of Emperor Franjo Josip and Ban Khuen-Hédervarry, price list of goods and services of the investor and the contractors, as well as the blessing for the building and all the people who will live there. In addition to the textual content, the original newspaper “Obzor” was found in the capsule, printed on May 30, 1891, the newspaper “Agramer Zeitung” and the kreuzers of Emperor Franjo Josip I.

Findings from time capsule
Newspapers “Agramer Zeitung” and coins found in time capsule






The palace was designed by the architectural studio “Hönigsberg & Deutsch”, whose architects Leo Hönigsberg and Julio Deutsch with their co-workers designed more than 90 buildings. The palace was built in 1891 for Karl Schlesinger, and since 1907 it started working as the first hotel in Zagreb. Its appearance and style of construction are one of the rare examples of neo-rococo style.

Palace Hotel Zagreb

“With the desire to leave valuable information on important events over the centuries, time capsules were left in the hidden places, such as this one. Thanks to the workers’ attention and employees sensibility towards the heritage of Palace Hotel, these fragile parts of the past have been preserved and restored in the Croatian Restoration Institute and are thus preserved for future generations.”, said Tajana Pleše, PhD, director of the Croatian Restoration Institute.

Palace Café has always been a favorite place for meeting and drinking coffee in Zagreb, and in this last art nouveau café in Zagreb, writer Miroslav Krleža spent his days, which was recalled by prof. Tomislav Sabljak, PhD. “The first time I came to Palace Café was with my father when I went to school. I spent countless times sitting here with Krleža and Krklec [famous Croatian writers, Ed.], and I remember a visit from Orson Welles when he filmed the «Process»”.

prof. Tomislav Sabljak, PhD. with Croatian famous writers – M.J. Zagorka and A.G. Matoš

The management of the hotel keeps the tradition of Palace Café live, which is why on the occasion of marking the 111th anniversary the famous Petit Palace cake is back in the daily offer. For a long time, Petit Palace has been a favorite guests’ delicacy and will now be available for consumption in Palace Café, but also as a sweet gift to bring with you. Along with the famous Štrukli Palace, the heritage menu and the daily fresh pastries, the Petit Palace rounds the traditional tastes of the heritage hotel offerings of old Zagreb.


Petit Palace cake
Petit Palace cake

Academician Luko Paljetak is a longtime guest of the hotel, and he believes that it has a glistening soul. “The moment you enter the Palace Hotel you feel that you are in a pleasant place.”


Academician Luko Paljetak