Whiskey is one of the most popular drinks of today, and is loved by both women and men. So it’s no surprise that whiskey is always on the world’s top drink list. We have prepared some fun and informative facts for you about whiskey, its origins and types, but also where you can drink some of the best and most special in the world!

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage obtained by the distillation of fermented grains. The differences between whiskeys depend on what type of grain is used in the distillation mixture and in what mixing ratios.

The word „whiskey“ comes as a shortened form of the word usquebaugh which in old Gaelic meant “water of life”. Although the origin of whiskey is still a topic on which opinions are divided, some historical data speak of the precursor of whiskey dating back to 800 BC – it is believed that „the ark“ drink originating in ancient India predates the whiskey we know today. However, the first significant and recorded historical record records that the mention of whiskey dates from 1494 and originates in Scotland. Ireland does not agree with this, claiming that she was exactly the “inventor” of whiskey by referring to sermons and diaries. Whatever country it is, whiskey fans are certainly grateful!

There are several types of whiskey depending on the country of origin and the different distillation process:

  1. Scotch whiskey
    Scotch whiskey is distinctive in that it is produced naturally in Scotland and as a percentage of alcohol at least 40%, and after distillation must be kept in oak barrels for at least three years. It can be divided into two main categories, namely Malt whiskey, which can be obtained exclusively from barley malt and Grain Barley, which is obtained by a combination of several types of grains.
  • American whiskey
    American whiskey is different from Scotch whiskey and one of the reasons is the distillation base usually consists of a combination of three grains, one of which is corn. The most famous type of American whiskey is bourbon. It is characterized by the fact that it contains 51% of corn and must be stored in oak barrels for at least two years to become so-called “straight”.
  • Irish whisky
    Irish whiskey must be made in Ireland and it is made from a fermented mixture of yeast and grains so that the aroma and taste are derived solely from the ingredients used. They produce mostly blended whiskey, distilled three times. The prescribed period of maturation is at least three years in wooden barrels, although in practice it much longer.

What you may not have known about whiskey in general:

  • About 34 bottles of whiskey are exported from Scotland every second.
  • Kentucky counts more bourbon maturation barrels than humans.
  • Frank Sinatra is buried with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey.
  • In some Latin American countries, when posing for photos, people say “whiskey” instead of “cheese.”
  • France is the country with the highest consumption of whiskey per consumer (2.15 l)
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