Let us tell you a story. There is a little peace oasis in the heart of Zagreb, in the romantic hotel Palace, called Wellness center MEI. A place where you can hide for a moment from the city noise, close your eyes and plunge into the sea of relaxing services we offer. Get rid of all the stress with a massage, brighten up your day with manicure or pedicure and allow us to pamper your body and soul.



Did you ever wonder why does massage have such a relaxing effect? Except that it helps you cope with every¸day fatigue, it helps the body in the secretion of the hormone of happiness – serotonin. Relax your body with our Anti-stress massage, sweeten your day with a Choco massage or enjoy our couple massage with your soul mate.

Body and facial care

Taking care of the body should always be in the first place of our “to-do list”. Considering that, MEI prepared a remarkable offer of body and facial care treatments. Rejuvenate yourself with our Wine therapy, regenerate facial skin with Energy bomb treatment or nourish your body with Milk & Honey therapy. Because, if there’s a thing you don’t need an excuse for spoiling, it’s your skin.

Foot and hand care

Hands and feet, as well as nails, are the mirror of the beauty and carry the weight of everyday work and hectic life. Give them a breather and choose a manicure or a pedicure from our offer. Make your day better with some gentle and cheerful colours and indulge into the feeling of true care.


Depilation can be a comfortable experience. Indulge in our hands, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect option for you in our offer, whether you’d like an Egyptian sugar paste depilation or whether you’d like a hot or cold wax depilation.


Except they help us get rid of toxins and cellulite, saunas are a perfect cure for fatigue and stress. Let your worries behind you, forget about stress and hectic life by relaxing in our Finnish sauna.


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