St. Mark’s Church is one of the oldest buildings in Zagreb. It is located on the Upper Town, at St. Mark’s Square, and was built in the 14th century. With its exterior and roof motifs – the coat of arms of the city of Zagreb and the coat of arms of the Three Kingdoms of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, it is very recognizable. The interior is decorated with many works by Ivan Meštrović – the famous Croatian sculptor, architect and writer.

If you are walking Upper Town, do not miss Gradec. It is the name for the old part of the city that, together with Kaptol, makes today Zagreb. In it there is the Lotrščak tower in which there is the so called “thief’s bell”. In addition, in the tower you can also find the Grič cannon which shots fire every day at exactly 12 AM.

The Zagreb Cathedral, also the largest Croatian sacral building, is one of the historic buildings that is a symbol of the city of Zagreb. It was built in the 11th century and stores centuries-old items in its treasury, such as King Ladislav’s mantle (11th century) and the oldest ban’s flag.

Ban Jelačić Square is Zagreb main square in the city center, a few minutes away from the Palace Hotel. The square is named after one of the most significant Croatian bans – Josip Jelačić. The statue was first placed in 1866, set up facing Hungary. On the square you can also find a Manduševac fountain where, according to the legend, the name of Zagreb was born.