If you want to explore the history of the capital, you should visit the Zagreb treasures – museums.

One of them is the Zagreb City Museum that shows the history of Zagreb from the very beginning. You can find illustrated legend of the name “Zagreb” , Gradec and Kaptol through the Middle Ages, works of art and technology and other achievements.

Just a few minutes’ walk from the Palace Hotel you can visit the Archaeological Museum, a museum presenting the development of material and spiritual culture of continental Croatia. It is highlighted by the lapidarium – archeological park in the courtyard of the museum where stone monuments from the Roman era are exposed.

For those who want a little emotional journey, there is the Museum of Broken Relationships, which contains exhibits all kinds of shapes and colors. They symbolize endings of many marriages and love affairs and continuation after them.

The Museum of Illusions is the place where you will realize that not everything you see is what it seems like and confuse your senses. Holograms, aslope room, didactic-logic games and puzzles are an ideal experience for younger and older generations.

If you are however an artist type, we would recommend the Mimara Museum. Since the foundation in 1980s, the museum exhibits various works of art and in a special way tries to bring the art history closer to the visitor.
For more information, visit the Zagreb Tourist Board website.